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Transport et Logistique Durables


  • Collaborative logistics in the French forest based sector (FFBS) – opportunity or dead end?

A high share of transport costs in raw material prices and adverse externalities induced by the transport of wood between its source and industrial transformation challenge the FFBS towards tapping its full potential within the bioeconomy. 

Taking a supply chain management (SCM) perspective, this study looks at inter-organisational logistics collaboration in the FFBS to address these issues. 

Academia and consultancy promote collaboration as a promising approach to improve transport and logistics performance, predominantly emphasising a focal company and its vertical and horizontal relations.

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  • Ce projet a reçu un financement au titre du budget de la commission européenne dans le cadre d’un réseau de formation initiale Marie Curie. Il a été présenté lors de la conférence CASTLE qui s’est déroulée à Barcelone, du 21 au 23 octobre 2015.