A look back at the discovery day of an ageing simulator

A look back at the discovery day of an ageing simulator
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On September 27, 2022, FCBA hosted a day of discovery of an ageing simulator in the Mobalpa showroom in Thones.

The objective of this day was to introduce furniture manufacturers to a tool that simulates the major motor and sensory deficiencies associated with age, in everyday actions.

After a session presenting various works to raise awareness of the subject of the ageing population, we organised several workshops in the showroom, aimed at putting the participants in domestic situations and identifying ways of improving product design. 26 workshops were held, involving all or part of the simulator.

The feedback on this event was very positive and the immersion successful:

“A very interesting day, the different workshops provided a rhythm and allowed us to physically and psychologically imagine the different problems/loss of autonomy”.

“A very enriching day, it allowed me to become aware of the problems of ageing. I am aware that some of the solutions can come from the way we arrange things without having a specific product.

Would you like support in working on the subject of ageing? Awareness raising and training for your teams (technical and commercial), validation of prototypes, support for product development: contact us!

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