Call for projects PERFECTO 2023

Call for projects PERFECTO 2023
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ADEME has just published the latest edition of its call for projects PERFECTO (Improvement of the environmental performance of products, services and processes from the R&D phase following an ecodesign approach) for 2023.

This Call for Proposals is aimed at companies and public and private research actors of all sizes, engaged in an R&D project and wishing to improve the environmental performance of their products, services or processes.

PERFECTO 2023 aims to develop a range of products, services and processes with a lower environmental impact, thanks to an eco-design approach. It allows the financing of two types of projects:

  • Axis 1: Ecodesign feasibility study
    • This axis concerns the R&D project’s ecodesign feasibility study. It enables the identification and prioritisation of significant ecodesign levers for the R&D project.
    • All companies are eligible, regardless of their size and level of maturity in eco-design.
  • Axis 2: R&D project with an eco-design approach
    • This axis concerns the implementation of an ecodesign approach during the R&D stage, during which ecodesign avenues will be tested and evaluated on prototypes/demonstrators/pilots of products, services or processes to be developed.
    • All companies are eligible, regardless of their size.
    • A prior feasibility study is required, whether or not it has been supported by ADEME.

Project teams must demonstrate R&D competence, as well as LCA/ecodesign expertise.

Application deadline: 07/03/2023