This certification attests to the suitability of wood for use in building and civil engineering works. It guarantees that the natural durability or the durability conferred by treatment makes the wood suitable for use in the class or classes of use mentioned.
The benefits of certification for the industry

Certification allows the industrialist to be part of a proactive and structuring progress approach, at the heart of a network of professionals who share the same values.From a management point of view, certification enables managers to reinforce their company management on :

  • The performance and safety aspects of biocidal products;
  • Control of raw material costs;
  • The development of the skills of the people and service;
  • Service.

From a quality system point of view, it allows :

  • a validation of the CPU (factory production control) required by the CE marking;
  • a validation and an externalized follow-up of the procedures in place.
The benefits of certification for the market

Above all, it is a quality and safety product that complies with current regulations. Users are assured of a well-preserved wood for the expected performance, with a controlled use of biocidal products respecting health and environmental aspects

Quality assurance through certification

As a professional wood preservative, the CTB-B+ certified company is committed to a global quality of service. Indeed, the use of a single treatment process or a single treatment product does not ensure the durability of the wood material for a given class of use.

There are four inseparable parameters to take into account:

  1. The design of the structure and its environment (defined by the project manager);
  2. A species selected for its impregnability;
  3. An effective and safe preservative product, certified CTB-P+ ;
  4. A quality treatment process.
Certified characteristics

CTB-Finition Bois certifies :

  • the preparation of the wood and its humidity ;
  • the preparation of the solution ;
  • the control of the impregnation cycles;
  • the internal controls and traceability of treated batches;
  • control of wood impregnation (dilution, penetration and retention).

CTB-B+ is a mark of the wood durability-preservation sector. This sector is represented by a chain of actors, industrialists and certified companies who master the use of preservation and finishing products and techniques.