CTB Cubage Bois Ronds

This CTB Cubage Bois Ronds (CTB CBR) certification mark is a rigorous solution for certifying the commercial cubage of round wood products at the sawmill according to the French cubage standard NF B53-020.

CTB Cubage bois ronds (CBR) is a product certification in accordance with ISO 17065, delivered by the FCBA technological institute, which allows to attest the commercial cubing of round timber at the sawmill reception. Thus, the automatic cubing process determined by cubers is supervised.
It is encouraged by wood suppliers and forestry companies because it is a guarantee of the reliability of transactions.

The objective of CTB Cubage Bois Ronds is :

  • A voluntary approach to which the sawmills adhere;
  • A controlled process from the reception of the wood to the delivery of the cubage data;
  • A third party control by qualified auditors;
  • A half-day technical audit per year and per cuber;
  • Consistency of machine performance continuously checked by self-monitoring;
  • A guarantee of trust established between supplier partners and principals.
Benefits of certification

By freeing themselves from the task of cubing, those involved in the supply chain can concentrate more on collecting, processing or sorting the timber, while still having the means to verify the volumes and quantities delivered.
This means :

  • Productivity gains in operations upstream of the sawmill for suppliers;
  • Easier contracting of timber supplies;
  • Compliance with standards for determining commercial volume;
  • Reliability and accuracy of measurements;
  • Documented cubage slips;
  • Reduction of disputes;
  • Opening up to the dematerialisation of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI);
  • Integrated approach to the quality system


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The conditions of trust: established and shared rules

The certification is framed by a frame of reference setting out all the technical requirements and operating rules of a certification mark, and drawn up in consultation with all the interested parties in order to ensure its relevance. Each partner knows and accepts the operation in a climate of trust. The supplier undertakes to comply with the technical specifications set out in the purchase specifications or wood supply contracts. The manufacturer of the cuber is responsible for the measurement and calculation methods used, for the locking of the fundamental parameters and for the computer processing options. The sawmill owner undertakes to maintain the cubing system in conformity from the reception of the wood to the transmission of the slips.
Periodic verifications by the third party organisation attest to the consistency of the measurement performance.

Certified and controlled characteristics

FCBA, as an independent certification body, carries out on-site inspections (at least one per year per cuber). These technical audits guarantee that internal procedures and the CTB Cubage Bois Ronds standard are respected.
The control points concern :

  • The physical separation of batches on log pacr;
  • Comparative cubing between manual and electronic methodsthe paper or dematerialised cubing slip;
  • The qualification of personnel;
  • Internal controls and their follow-up in corrective or preventive actions;
  • Management of quality documents