NF Biocombustibles solides – Bois de chauffage

The NF Biocombustibles solides - bois de chauffage mark brings you guarantees: Guarantee of information, Guarantee of the quality of the product ordered, Guarantee of service and comfort.
  • Information guarantee

    The NF Firewood label, attached to the products sold or delivered by certified companies, provides consumers with all the essential information to assess the corresponding quality:

    – the species group (oak, beech, hornbeam,…) ;
    – the length ;
    – moisture content
    – the quantity delivered in m3.

  • Guarantee on the quality of the product ordered
    1) Respect of the species group
    Group 1: Oak / Hornbeam / Beech / Ash / Maple
    2) Compliance with the quantity delivered
    Wood delivered in bulk or in bundles or on pallets
    3) Compliance with moisture content
    The permitted moisture content corresponds to ready-to-use wood H1 = moisture content of the wet mass < 20%.
    The moisture content is measured at the end of production on logs ready for dispatch.
  • Service and comfort guarantee:
    Ready-to-use firewood
    A guaranteed volume
    The delivery of an invoice