NF Contreplaqués (CTBX – CTBC)

This certification attests the technical characteristics, the performances and the suitability for use of the plywood panels intended for an external use and the plywood panels intended for a use in formwork. CTB-X : Plywood panels intended for external use. CTB-C : Plywood panels intended for a formwork use

NF CTB-X is a product certification issued by FCBA.
It certifies the performance of plywood panels for outdoor use and prolonged exposure to water and weather.

Its resistance to humidity allows it to be used in a variety of demanding applications such as

  • Layout, including in damp rooms
  • Structure in exposed situations
  • Industrial packaging
  • Nautical construction…

Why choose a NF CTB-X panel?

An elitist certification mark in terms of performance, NF CTB-X goes beyond the requirements of standard NF EN 636-3, particularly with regard to

  • the quality of the folds and external faces
  • the quality of the gluing
  • the biological durability of the chosen species
  • E1 classification of formaldehyde release from wood-based panels (according to NF EN 717-1, which sets a limit of 0.124mg/m3 in ambient air), which is mandatory for outdoor use

Third party control, a guarantee of product quality over time here

The FCBA Technological Institute, a certification body, audits the quality of internal and external controls on the production site twice a year.
During these audits, samples are taken for testing in the FCBA laboratories.
The results are used to certify the consistency of the product quality.