FCBA, the French Institute of Technology for Forest-based and Furniture Sectors.

The mission of the FCBA, an industrial technical centre, is to promote technical progress and contribute to improving performance and guaranteeing quality within the industry. Its scope includes all of the industries related to forests, pulp, wood and furniture: forestry, pulp, logging/forest exploitation, sawmills, carpentry, woodwork, framework, wood panelling, furniture, packaging and various products. It also works with suppliers in these sectors.

Its activities are based on three major areas:

  • Providing know-how and recognised skills to enterprises: consultancy, technical assistance, tests, training, information, etc.
  • Supporting the professions in becoming leaders on national, European and international markets: standardisation, quality and advanced technologies.
  • Acquiring, centralising, managing and disseminating scientific and technical information: research and development, business intelligence, monitoring technology and regulations, documentation.


As a preferred partner of businesses, the FCBA monitors their technical and economic environment to help them incorporate technological innovations and adapt to rapid changes in the markets.

The FCBA employs 350 people and is established in Paris (75), Bordeaux (33), Cestas Pierroton (33), Charrey-sur-Saône (21), Verneuil-sur-Vienne (87) and Grenoble (38). The men and women of the Institute support and represent corporate values on a daily basis:

  • the human value: shared trust, active listening and recognised expertise,
  • the value of excellence: the satisfaction of the internal and external customer through networking, anticipating needs and providing human and technical resources.