Economy, Energy and Planning

Interational cometitiveness - wood industry


Anne-Laure Levet recently took part in the biannual conference of the Scandinavian Society of Forest Economics (SSFE), which was held this year on 21 to 23 May in Uppsala, Sweden. She presented the works of the Economy, Energy and Planning Cluster on the analysis of the determinants of competitiveness in wood industry exports.

The goal of this research, carried out in partnership with the University of Strasbourg and supported by the GIP ECOFOR, is to highlight, apart from the forest resource aspect, the factors related to industrial performance in order to explain the export capacity of the companies in the wood sectors. Using an international comparison between the main exporting countries, these works show that, while the resource and its mobilisation can contribute to ensuring the competitiveness of the wood industries in some countries, this is not in itself a significant factor and not necessarily required.

In total, more than 80 people attended this conference, coming from a dozen European and North American countries. The topics covered a wide range of themes related to forestry policy and economics, with specific presentations on the modelling of the balance between supply and demand for forestry products, the evaluation of forestry policies, the analysis of companies' performance, consumer perception in purchases of wood products and the evaluation of systemic forest services.

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