The success of our business is the business of tousAncre

Our human resources policy aims to
share the values ​​that constitute our identity:
human value and the value of excellence.

Working at FCBA, is to enter into a relationship based
on reciprocity of commitments. Our collective success
goes with your personal success!

The human resource policy's priority is to maintain
excellence in all our businesses through:
recruitment, management carrièes, internal mobility,
training, wage policy ...

  1. The intégration 
  2. The valuation of your skills
  3. The outlook
  4. Training


For each new employee can play its role in the business we all work together in a team spirit and solidarity, the Institute promotes arrival by setting up a seminar to facilitate your integration.
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The valuation of your skills
Convinced that the success of FCBA depends on the skills of its employees, the Institute uses its management skills that can assist them in the development and enhancement of their skills.
Each employee has a meeting with her manager to take stock of its areas of expertise and areas of development.
These interviews allow for dialogue, to consider development opportunities and determine actions for professional development.
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The outlook
Internal mobility / Maintenance Professional Evolution
→ Being actor of his evolution
We do not wish to standardize the careers of our employees, but we prefer, instead, taking initiative. You are the actor of your evolution: the creations or post liberations are so many opportunities available to regular employees.
Each employee is the first player in his professional evolution, with the support of its operational manager and HRD.
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FCBA devotes a significant investment in training. Each employee develops and, according to his needs, technical skills related to his job and his job, but also more transversal skills.
The training is organized around the following axes:
maximize individual and collective performance and support growth
converging needs and skills
preparing for changes collaborators
accompany and anticipate change
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We encourage our employees to develop:


Relationships are based on
frankness and authenticity
the transparancy.


Everyone assumes responsibility
for his actions.

Knowledge recognition

Knowledge recognition through
the delegation, much
autonomy, encouragement and
"Knowledge thanks."

The respect and listening

Respect and listening are the rules
base of each behavior
of us in all our actions:
self-respect, our colleagues,
customer ...

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