The Primary Processing and Procurement Cluster is involved in the forestry exploitation, sawmill, wood packaging, barrel-making, pulp and panelling sectors.
It helps companies deal with changes in their raw material needs and with growth markets, particularly construction and bioenergy.
The cluster provides innovations in the organisation, facilities, methods and operation of interfaces. It helps this sector generate more value from lignocellulosic fibres and wood in both recognised and emerging processes and products.

 4 focal points:

  • Harvesting and procurement
    This relates to improving the performance of the links in the sector, with the aim of increasing the size of the harvest and enhancing the resource by taking action on procurement. A number of additional projects have been developed along these lines.


  • Process
    Helping manufacturers improve their tools and processes and facilitating access to innovative processes providing added value.


  • Products
    Providing companies with the primary processing, tools and services required to certify the technical, economic and environmental characteristics of their products and helping them anticipate market demands.


  • Human capital
    This area of activity contributes to the development of the human capital of companies while adapting to changes in the professions concerned.