The Biotechnologies and Advanced Forestry Cluster contributes to the emergence of an inter-professional project focused on sustainably managed and diversified forests that are attractive to investors and provide support for competitive territories.
Through its advanced knowledge and expertise in forestry productioFCBA contributes to the development of a modern and sustainable forestry project in support of a competitive wood industry.
The advantages FCBA has in working to improve the knowledge and quality of French stands of trees are:

  •  detailed knowledge of the growth of different species through monitoring a national experimental network,
  • breeding new varieties of the major species such as maritime pine, poplar, Douglas fir, eucalyptus, spruce, etc., with the support of green biotechnologies (somatic embryogenesis, molecular markers, etc.),
  •  innovation in forestry, from the regeneration of stands to their exploitation, by creating management projects adapted to suit the diversity of French forests and the constraints of climate change, and meeting the needs of economic stakeholders.