Wood and Furniture Standardisation Office (BNBA)

The Wood and Furniture Standardisation Office (BNBA), incorporated within the FCBA, directs and coordinates the standardisation of wood, its by-products and furniture. AFNOR delegates to the BNBA its role as the national representative for most of the business sectors of the wood and furniture sectors. The documents available on the website concern the areas of activity related to the FCBA at national (NF), European (CEN) and international (ISO) level.


Standardisation in the Building sector

Traditionally, the standards governing the needs of stakeholders in the building industry are mainly developed by four sector-related standardisation agencies operating under the mandate of AFNOR. They work together, in particular within the framework of the Building Standards Coordination Group (GCNorBât-DTU) :


Other sector-based standardisation agencies or AFNOR, in its similar role, actively contribute to the standardisation, enabling all areas of the construction sector to be covered (see the list)