Wood Laboratories


FCBA's laboratories provide a variety of resources and skills to identify and meet your needs with regard to testing and expert assessment.

  • Biology Laboratory (entomology, mycology)​

Biological efficiency tests
Expertise in the field of biological waste
Expertise in the identification of species
Validation of new anti-termite techniques
Development of new wood preservation processes
Experimentation sites for field testing

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> Biology Laboratory


  • Chemistry and ecotoxicology laboratory​

Ecotoxicological tests
Obtaining authorisation to put your products on the market in compliance with the Biocides and Phytosanitary Directives and the Reach regulation
Regulating the efficiency of wood treatments through expert assessments
Characterising the wood and its derivatives in relation to the chemical substances it can contain or emit
Characterising coating or adhesive products
Measuring air quality in indoor and outdoor environments
Complying with environmental regulations

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> Chemistry and ecotoxicology laboratory

>ASC- FCBA- PHYSCHER, regulatory factsheet for chemical products

> List of physical-chimical tests 2015 (English version)

> List of Ecotoxicology tests 2015 (English version)

  • Mechanics Laboratory (materials, structures)

Enhancing the mechanical qualities of wood and its derivatives
Developing effective construction systems
Providing evidence of performance
Meeting regulatory requirements
Characterising products and systems
Demonstrating the suitability of your products for a specific purpose
Acquiring recognised test reports from France and Europe

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  • Physics Laboratory

Dimensional stability of components (wood floors and frames) subject to variable weather conditions
Reaction to fire of flat surfaces (walls and floors) in accordance with European standards
AWWM performances (Air, Water, Wind, Mechanical) of woodwork
Sound insulation of all types of woodwork, flooring, partitions and floors
Efficiency of impact noise reduction of flooring
Mechanical resistance of woodwork
On-site AWWM testing on calibrated power plant
Heat conductivity of materials

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> Fire reaction tests