Dare to change: ADEME’s experiment to de-clutter French homes

Dare to change: ADEME’s experiment to de-clutter French homes
In April 2021, ADEME launched the "Dare to change: consume better and live lighter" operation and supported 21 "witness" households to list, sort and de-clutter their homes and commit to more responsible consumption. Supervised by "home-organisers" for 7 months, these 21 households were also trained in good consumption practices, towards greater sobriety and a circular economy.

Furniture was one of the objects that this study looked at. So what did we learn from this?

Six categories of objects were selected for this operation: textiles, furniture, DIY and gardening equipment, games and toys, sports equipment, and electrical and electronic equipment.

On average, households have 88 items in the Furniture category at the time of the operation. The 2018 ECOMOBILIER study – The French and their furniture – announces 61 objects.

Source : ADEME

In addition, the households in the operation whose age range is between 35 and 50 years have more furniture than the French average.

Comparison of average furniture tonnages between the ECOMOBILIER* study and our results :

* Etude ECOMOBILIER - Les Français et leurs meubles- 2018 - Source : ADEME

After being accompanied by professionals, the households decluttered an average of 31% of their objects and 11% of their furniture.

Source ADEME

On average, the 10 pieces of furniture disposed of by the pilot households were donated (33%), sold (31%) or recycled (37%).

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