Diag Décarbon’Action

Diag Décarbon’Action
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ADEME and Bpifrance are launching the "Diag Décarbon'Action" in collaboration with the Bilan Carbone Association to support the energy and ecological transition of French companies.

The Diag Décarbon’Action allows companies to initiate decarbonisation.

It is co-financed by ADEME and operated by Bpifrance in collaboration with the Bilan Carbone Association.

Thanks to the intervention of qualified experts, the Diag Décarbon’Action allows you to :

  • Measure your company’s greenhouse gas emissions throughout your value chain (scopes 1, 2 and 3);
  • Draw up your action plan to decarbonise your company;
  • Implement the first actions of change management within your company (team alignment, training, communication, etc.) and with your main customers-suppliers.

The Diag Décarbon’Action has 5 objectives:

  • Reducing the energy consumption of companies.
  • Reducing dependence (and therefore vulnerability) to fossil fuels
  • Increasing the company’s skills in controlling its carbon footprint
  • Raising the awareness of your employees to make them full players in the sustainable shift your company has undertaken
  • Improving your company’s image with your customers, suppliers, partners and even the general public

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