Eco-design at the heart of ecological transition issues

Eco-design at the heart of ecological transition issues
By adopting the eco-design approach in your development strategy, you become a player in the ecological transition. FCBA supports you in your approach.

Learn about the challenges of eco-design in the furniture sector

Through the “Eco-design: opportunities, tools” training, you will have a better vision of how to initiate an eco-design approach. This training is offered in face-to-face or distance learning.

See the full programme: Eco-design: opportunities, tools – FCBA Formation

Calculate the environmental impacts of your products

Life Cycle Assessment is a method used at FCBA for more than 15 years to calculate the environmental impacts of your furniture in a quantitative way through recognised environmental indicators such as climate change.

For those who wish to easily calculate the environmental impacts of their furniture themselves, FCBA has developed Eco-meuble, a tool developed with the support of ADEME to support the deployment of environmental display. Specifically dedicated to furniture products, bedding, upholstered seats.

Improve the environmental performance of your products

Our teams of designers, materials engineers, ergonomists, finishing and mechanical experts can help you design sustainable furniture.

In this context, ADEME has set up the TREMPLIN scheme for SMEs (proposed by ADEME) and therefore gives you access to flat-rate aid until the end of 2022.

Whether it is to train you, measure the performance of your products or take action by eco-designing your products, the FCBA teams are at your service to help you.

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