BIOM’ Capturing life in Besançon

BIOM’ Capturing life in Besançon
Date Du 23.11.2022 au 24.11.2022
For this 3rd edition of "Créer Demain, 2 days to innovate", BIOM' Capter le vivant invites you to Besançon on 23 and 24 November

This 3rd edition of “Create Tomorrow, 2 days to innovate” invites you to change the way you look at the living world: explore, observe, learn, imitate to innovate and create infinitely!

Workshop – BIOM’, capturing the living

The FCBA Innovation team invites you to come and discover a selection of varied materials on the theme of nature: a panel of bio-inspired materials, processes and systems that draw their genesis directly or indirectly from our environment.

  • Bio-sourced materials: porcelain from co-products, MDF panel assembled with a plant-based resin, grape textile, translucent hybrid wood…
  • Living bio-based materials: mycelium, photobioreactors for facade systems, photoluminescent microalgae, etc.
  • Biomimetic innovations: new concept of solar cells, gecko inspired clamping system, virucidal photocatalytic treatment…

The living world is an inexhaustible source of inspiration and a real lever of innovation to imagine the materials of tomorrow.

Let yourself be surprised by the solutions presented to design your future projects in connection with nature!