Webinar: The RE2020 and bay windows, what impacts?

Webinar: The RE2020 and bay windows, what impacts?
Date Le 08.06.2022
The RE2020 has been postponed to 1 January 2022 but its objectives remain unchanged: to reduce the carbon impact of buildings, to continue to improve their energy performance and to ensure that they remain cool during the hot summers.

Through this webinar, experts with the support of CODIFAB, will present the impacts of such objectives on the window panes, which will have to be ever more efficient.

On the agenda:

  • Context and issues
  • The energy and environmental aspects of the RE2020
  • The configurator for collective environmental data sheets: DE-bois
  • Eco-design
  • End of life of windows: recovery and recycling
  • Questions and answers

Crédits photos : ©jason leung, cosmic timetraveler via unsplash et efetova Getty Images pro via canva.com