Launch of Woodrise Bordeaux 2023!

Launch of Woodrise Bordeaux 2023!
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On June 23, 2022, all the co-organizers, funders and members of the Steering Committee met in Bordeaux for the launch of Woodrise 2023. The new Woodrise Congress 4th edition will take place from 17 to 20 October 2023 in Bordeaux (Palais des Congrès and external visits)

On the occasion of this launch, Institut technologique FCBA, represented by Christophe MATHIEU, and FPInnovations, represented by Stephane Renou, signed a partnership agreement, allowing them to share knowledge, experience and resources, in order to be able to better respond to the needs of their customers. Mathieu HAZOUARD, Regional Councillor for New Aquitaine was also present at the signing.

The Woodrise Congress brings together decision-makers and principals from the public and private sectors (developers, local authorities, project owners, investors, etc.), social and economic players in the construction and upstream (forestry) sectors, scientists and researchers.
It is an international event in the field of medium and high rise timber construction. Born in 2017 in Bordeaux, Woodrise has travelled to Quebec in 2019 and to Japan (Kyoto in 2021 and Tokyo in 2022).

Co-organisers: FCBA Technology Institute, JIBH and FPInnovations

Funders: Ministry of Agriculture and Food Sovereignty, Directorate General of Enterprises, Directorate of State Property (DIE) DHUP, Ministries Ecology Energy Territories (DGALN), New Aquitaine Region, CODIFAB, Bordeaux Metropole, France Bois Forêt, ADEME

Steering Committee: FCBA, Bordeaux Euratlantique, Région Nouvelle-Aquitaine, FIBOIS Landes de Gascogne, FIBOIS NOUVELLE-AQUITAINE, COFOR, Le 308 Maison de l’Architecture, Xylofutur, Interco Nouvelle-Aquitaine, FNCOFOR, FRANSYLVA Fédération Forestiers Privés de France, UMB, UICB Professional Organisation, MASA, DGE, Conseil Régional Aquitaine Congrès et Expositions de Bordeaux