Chemical testing of wood and wood products

Physico-chemical tests, research of contaminants... Find out about all the tests carried out by FCBA laboratories in the various fields of wood chemistry and its derivatives.

Info COVID-19

Throughout this reconfinement period, our laboratories remain open and our testing activities are maintained.

You can continue to send your test samples to the respective sites.

Our skills


  • Physico-chemical tests on formulations (with validation of analysis methods)
  • Search for contaminants (metals, hallogens, pesticides, etc.) in wood and panels, sawdust
  • Industrial feasibility test (autoclave)
  • Production control of panels (formaldehyde)
  • VOC emission measurements (captured emissions, process control, efficiency of VOC recovery and destruction)
  • Physical-chemical tests in gluing and finishing
  • Identification of the chemical nature of an adhesive
  • Chemical composition of plants (wood and annual plants)
  • Characterisation of biomass (density, colour, bark content, knot content, moisture content, etc.)
  • In-depth characterisation of lignins extracted from plants by industrial processes (paper identity card)
  • Production of micro/nanocellulose in the laboratory and in a pilot plant
  • Production of lignin extracted from conventional and innovative extraction processes at laboratory and pilot scale
  • Extraction of hemicelluloses from plants using different techniques


  • Expertise in finishing and preservation on building sites and structures: verification of treatment, search for pesticides, etc.
  • Production assistance : autoclave impregnation tests, silica content measurements
  • Product development (performance testing)
  • Environmental assessment of wood building materials with respect to VOC emissions
  • Application of finishing systems : thickness, visualization of layers, etc.
  • Ageing tests (carried out in conjunction with the FCBA physics laboratory)
  • Goniometer measurements
  • Development of extraction processes for wood molecules (hemicelluloses, lignin and extractives)
  • Valorisation of co-products from primary processing industries (solid and liquid)
  • Evaluation of the potential of : micro/nanocellulose in processes and products, lignin in glues, specific treatments and products, hemicelluloses in products
  • Understanding of wood degradation in its uses


The chemistry laboratory is also recognised for its extensive environmental expertise in ecotoxicity and VOC testing.

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