Wood durability & preservation tests

Dry wood insects, termites, merula and other fungi... our laboratories are equipped to identify biological pathologies and assist you in your choice of treatment type.

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Throughout this reconfinement period, our laboratories remain open and our testing activities are maintained.
You can continue to send your test samples to the respective sites.

Determination in the laboratory and/or in the field under natural exposure conditions (in metropolitan France and in tropical areas) of :

  • the natural durability of wood species

  • the strength of materials (wood-based or not, building or not)

  • the resistance of bio-based insulation materials

  • the effectiveness of biocidal products for preventive and/or curative treatment of wood

  • the effectiveness of biocidal products for the preventive and/or curative treatment of masonry (against merula, subterranean termites, mould, etc.)

  • the effectiveness of wood protection processes (heat treatment, wood modification, etc.)

  • the effectiveness and/or mode of action of natural substances (attractant / repellent / inhibitor effect)

  • the effectiveness of wood finishing products and systems (stains, paints)

  • the efficacy of biocidal products and processes for termite control and building protection (building protection barriers, bait trap systems, physical control systems)

against the following biological agents:

Termites DOM
Capricorn larva
Wood mould
Effectiveness of a product against blue stain fungi
Wood rot expertise
  • European and tropical subterranean termites (genera Reticulitermes and Heterotermes)
  • Tropical tree termites (genus Nasutitermes)
  • European and tropical drywood termites (genera Kalotermes and Cryptotermes)
  • wood-boring insects (capricorn beetle, beetle, lyctus…)
  • decay fungi (cubic, fibrous, soft …)
  • blue stain fungi
  • moulds

Support for the development and evaluation of new products and processes, development of test protocols

The tests are carried out in accordance with European and French standards and/or accredited internal FCBA methods.

The tests carried out by the laboratory correspond to the requirements and are admissible within the framework of certification procedures and marketing authorisation applications within the framework of the European Regulation on Biocidal Products.

The laboratory is accredited by COFRAC.

Laboratory test on a curative product against merula


  • Insect breeding: European and tropical termites, wood borers, lyctus, termites, drywood termites
  • Strain of wood-eating fungi, moulds, blue stain agents
  • Xylotheque
  • Climate controlled chambers for testing
  • Chambers/equipment for accelerated ageing of tested materials (exposure to water, UV, evaporation tunnels)
  • Molecular biology equipment (DNA analysis)
  • Experimentation sites in metropolitan France and in tropical areas

Biological analysis

  • In situ or laboratory identification of biological agents present in the building (insects and fungi)
  • DNA analysis of materials contaminated by fungi
  • DNA analysis of moulds
  • Quantification of classical pathogens such as Salmonella, Listeria, Aspergillus

On behalf of manufacturers of active substances, formulated products for the preventive and curative treatment of wood and masonry, paints and stains, wood protection processes, wood and wood-based materials, building materials, research organisations

Technical, normative and regulatory support

  • Support for experts (legal, insurance, etc.) in cases involving biological damage to wooden structures (construction, packaging, furniture, etc.) Study of documents, counter-expertise
  • Study of documents, counter-expertise 
  • Assistance to industrialists for the constitution of their marketing authorisation dossiers in the framework of the regulation on biocidal products
  • Technical support to industrialists manufacturers of sawn timber, packaging or other wooden objects (wooden tableware, etc.) to find solutions to problems of mould or other fungal stains.
  • Support to the competent authorities for the implementation and/or evolution of regulations (termite law, European regulation on biocides, etc.)
  • Drafting of documents/notes of normative and regulatory summaries for wood and preservation professionals
  • Support for private or public laboratories in the implementation of a quality system
  • Carrying out technical audits of research and testing laboratories in the context of the implementation and monitoring of quality procedures
  • Technological/bibliographical watch

Info COVID-19

Throughout this reconfinement period, our laboratories remain open and our testing activities are maintained.

You can continue to send your test samples to the respective sites.