Diagnosis on the production site

Once the work has been carried out, our experts will be able to assist you with the various diagnostics and expert reports required.

Our expertise


Diagnosis of manufacturing process

Impact of reliability on quality assurance plan

Batch control

Fire safety site diagnosis


Our expertise to meet your needs


Traditional, industrial and glued laminated timber structures
Structural components, assemblies
Strength / seismic

Framework, envelope

Timber frame, post and beam, stacked wood, solid panels…
Strength / thermal / acoustic / fire / hygrothermal


Menuiseries extérieures, portes intérieures, fermetures, escaliers, garde corps, carrelets lamellés collés aboutés…
Etanchéité / stabilité / thermique / acoustique / durabilité / finition


Plywood, Lamibois, chipboard, OSB, coated panels
Application to floors, walls, under roofs…


Parquet, panelling, cladding, decking, laminate flooring
Stability / durability / finish…