Judicial expert: FCBA's missions

In the event of pathologies and accidents, FCBA, as a legal expert, offers its skills to contribute to the analysis of the causes and the determination of rehabilitation prescriptions in the building industry.

Thanks to its multiple competences, both on the parts of structures and products of constitutions, and on the various scientific fields required (mechanics, fire, ….) FCBA intervenes for all the wood construction problems.

Assigning a forensic expert's sapiteur during your expertises

FCBA can be commissioned as a legal expert’s assessor or can intervene on behalf of an expert from an insurance company, a company, or a project owner ….

If necessary, the FCBA expert assessors rely on all the internal testing resources, which can constitute indispensable means of demonstration in the search for the causes of damage.

Our areas of intervention in timber construction


Wooden building :

  • Frame
  • Structure
  • Carpentry
  • Frame
  • Envelope
  • Panels
  • Facings
  • Additives