Take advantage of FCBA's recognised metrology skills to have your inspection or testing equipment checked.

You need

To work with accurate and reliable measuring equipment on a daily basis.

To comply with the requirements of your quality standards,

To comply with the requirements of the control bodies.

We offer you

To characterise your air testing units for AEV tests, a service under COFRAC accreditation.

To calibrate at the same time as this characterisation your:

  • corner breakage test benches,
  • torque spanners,
  • digital comparators,
  • temperature probes (surface) for welding machines.

We also offer you

Calibrate the following means of measurement :

Dureté de roues abrasives
Hardness of abrasive wheels
Diamond tips

Our skills to support you

FCBA’s metrology department has the means to carry out calibrations and analyse the results in order to declare the conformity of measuring equipment.
The control of your measurements is a challenge for the optimisation of your production costs and to respond favourably to your quality standards (ISO 9000, product certification, etc.)
This control will be achieved by managing your measuring instruments.
The FCBA metrology department can:

  • Carry out your calibrations,
  • Provide technical assistance or training on the management of the metrology function in a company.

FCBA can train you

The metrology function in companies

This course will provide you with the skills to :

  • Connecting critical measuring equipment
  • Choose between a calibration or a verification
  • Know how to use calibration certificates and provide proof of conformity of the checking fixture used
  • Analyse the components of error sources
  • Choose the checking fixture adapted to the measurement
  • Manage the stock of measuring equipment

This course is also available at a distance.

Our recognitions

– COFRAC-accredited method for characterising air testing units.
– Multi-site metrology department (Bordeaux and Champs sur Marne) audited by the accreditation of our test laboratories for over 25 years.
– Connection of our standards to the I.S. with LNE/CETIAT/BEA Métrologie/TRESCAL…