Are you working on the design of a structure (in whole or in part) and encountering technical problems? Are you developing a product and need advice on anticipating normative and regulatory constraints? Do you need advice on specific technical decisions? The experts of the FCBA Technological Institute are there to support you in all circumstances thanks to Connect'Expert!

What is Connect'Expert?

Connect’Expert allows you to be in rapid contact with our specialists for targeted technical support on a wide range of topics and fields of activity. This service takes the form of one or more remote meetings with the possibility of talking to up to three different experts over a period of three hours.


We can assist you on topics as varied as strength, fire safety, thermal-acoustic, vapour transfer, environment, waterproofing, durability…, on all the elements that make up a structure..


A significant time saving!

By working with FCBA experts you will have :

  • the right directions to carry out your project (implemented or to be implemented)
  • online experts at the cutting edge of knowledge on all timber construction issues
  • experts involved in the development of technical tools for the sector (DTU, Eurocodes, guides, Professional Recommendations, etc.) and knowledgeable about the case law on the evaluation of non-traditional products and systems

Terms and conditions of the service

You will be able to talk to 1 to 3 different experts in 3 different time slots:

  • 3 times 1 hour
  • 2 times 1 hour 30 minutes
  • 1 time 3 h
  • 6 times 30 min

The basic service, 3 hours of remote meetings with 1 to 3 experts: 600 euros

Basic service with preparation time: + 600 euros

The basic service with a detailed report: + 600 euros

For any other request, modularity or need, a personalised quote can be provided.

You can either send an e-mail or contact us directly by phone. If you are unable to reach us directly, FCBA will call you back quickly to assess your needs and put you in touch with the experts (subject to weekends and Institute closures).

Sandrine Maillard : or 05 56 43 64 22