Research tax credit (RTC) and innovation tax credit (ITC)

Research tax credit (RTC) and innovation tax credit (ITC)
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You are an SME, you carry out research, development and innovation activities? And you do not know the CIR /CII?

The research tax credit (RTC) is a measure to support the research and development (R&D) activities of companies, regardless of their sector or size. Companies that incur basic research and experimental development expenses can benefit from the CIR by deducting them from their taxes under certain conditions.

The aid rate is generally 30%. Eligible expenses include: patent costs, standardisation expenses, technological monitoring expenses and research expenses entrusted to organisations approved by the Ministry of Research (limited to three times the total amount of other research expenses eligible for the tax credit).

The innovation tax credit (ITC) is a tax measure reserved for SMEs. The latter can benefit from a tax credit of 20% of the expenses necessary for the design and/or production of prototypes or pilot installations of a new product.

A new product is considered to be a tangible or intangible asset that meets the following two cumulative conditions:

  • it is not yet available on the market;
  • it is distinguished from existing or previous products by superior performance in terms of technology, eco-design, ergonomics or functionality.

As an Industrial Technical Centre, FCBA is an approved organisation for the CIR and CII. The work entrusted to FCBA and which is eligible for the CIR and the CII can therefore be taken into account.

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