Environment webinar replay

Environment webinar replay

Which approaches are most appropriate for my situation? What are the benefits of each approach? What is the cost and implementation timeframe? How can I manage my waste? To answer these questions, FCBA organised a webinar in December 2020 on environmental approaches in furniture.

For all companies, taking the environment into account is a necessity and it is necessary to constantly ask oneself questions about one’s level of commitment and possible progress in this area. This is true for FCBA, especially since it must play a driving role in the industry on this point. Indeed, companies must transform themselves because it is also a societal expectation on the part of employees and consumers. The webinar was an opportunity to take stock of the latest trends and to stimulate companies.

In this webinar you will also find our main witness Benoît Simonneau from DPC.

The webinar is online in replay:


Feedback from Jean-Luc Guéry, Director of Optimum

Located in the heart of the Agropole industrial zone in Le Passage d’Agen, Optimum, a company founded in 1981, is a manufacturer of wardrobes, dressing rooms and furnishing solutions. It has been committed to a CSR approach for 7 years.

For Jean-Luc Guery, director of the company, the environmental issue is essential for the teams, including the Research and Development team. 

The production processes that we implement integrate an eco-responsible approach: sorting and recycling of waste, energy production thanks to the photovoltaic roofs of the production units, greenprint packaging, collaboration with printers who hold the Imprim'Vert mark and use vegetable-based ink.In this dynamic, it is important for us, as a company in the sector, to be regularly informed of new actions and the latest consumer expectations on the subject. This is why I followed the December webinar organised by FCBA (replay link).It is now partially available in replay, and I invite you to watch it because, as far as I am concerned, I particularly appreciated the professionalism and the relevance of this webinar. More than ever, entrepreneurs must be the driving force in these environmental initiatives! A bit like Mr Jourdain, many of us have this sensitivity but need to structure our processes. FCBA is the right tool!

Jean-Luc Guéry

On the subject of CSR, our technical centre is working on the subject within the framework of the Codifab 2021 programme and is currently looking for companies that would like to testify and participate in the work.

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Webinar in connection with the Comité Stratégique de Filière and supported by CODIFAB