Phytofiber webinar replay

Phytofiber webinar replay

Watch the webinar dedicated to the Phytofiber project, whose objective is the deployment of a value chain for biomass from polluted soils.

The project shows the possibilities of planting contaminated soils, their valorisation in the form of adapted biomass production sites and proposes uses for these biomasses other than energy.

The program includes

  • Introduction of the project / objectives / means (Michael LECOURT)
  • Progress in relation to the ecological context (fauna and flora) (Michel CHALOT)
  • The transformation of materials (Vincent PLACET – Michael LECOURT)
  • Valorisation of the products obtained (Vincent PLACET – Michael LECOURT)
  • Societal impacts (Haroun BA – Claire GOURDET)
  • Conclusions on the obstacles to be overcome and the progress made by the project (Michael LECOURT)

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