Replay webinar on glulam in construction

Replay webinar on glulam in construction

After telling you a little about the history of glued laminated timber (GLT) and the well-framed techniques, our experts will tell you about the supply of wood from ACERBOIS-certified factories, the rigorous quality controls put in place, before presenting 3 different construction systems through 3 examples of work.

On the program

  • The Acerbois holders, a national coverage,
  • The BLC, French wood and the control of traceability,
  • In situ controls by the certifier,
  • Presentation of reference works.


Manuel Burlat, Head of the Evaluation and Certification team – IB&C Division, FCBA

David Crasnier, Managing Director, Briand construction bois

Eric De Taddeo, Industrial Director, Mathis

Jean-Marc Provot, Marketing Director, Glulam, Arbonis