Sustainability webinar replay: Wood for all your needs

Sustainability webinar replay: Wood for all your needs

Find here the intervention of Nathalie Bergeret, Head of the wood preservation durability sector during the webinar dedicated to this subject.

Wood is a natural material whose characteristics allow for a variety of uses and aesthetic choices. However, its use, particularly outdoors, requires certain technical knowledge to ensure that it will last over time.

Prescribers, decision-makers, local authorities, urban planners, this replay will allow you to (re)discover the principles that guarantee the durability of wood over time, but also to place wood in a societal context that favours biosourced materials.

On the program:

  • Mastering the durability of wood: designing, choosing and maintaining wood-based materials
  • Wood and its environment, when and how can we control the impacts?
  • With a view to being placed on the European market, evaluation and regulatory authorisation of biocidal products: effectiveness, toxicity/ecotoxicity, suitability for food contact (for specific uses such as picnic tables)
  • During use: maintenance, renovation, reprocessing, replacement
  • At the end of life: recycling, reuse, sorting of wood waste, revalorisation in dedicated channels