Webinar replay: glued laminated timber

Webinar replay: glued laminated timber

Glued laminated timber: an asset if you are sure of its quality
The principle of glued laminated timber (GLT) is an art that could be described as ancestral since the Japanese were already using it in the 12th century. The techniques are supervised and constantly improved, and today manufacturers are able to produce 40 m beams from their factories and to make it possible to develop constructions with high technological added value. It is therefore essential to ensure the quality of the CLB used.

On the agenda of this webinar organised by FCBA and ACERBOIS:

  • LWC, a major product in the world of wood construction?
  • From the origins of glued laminated timber to its use today
  • The different phases of the manufacturing process: an essential know-how
  • Quality assurance

Speakers: Jean-Marc Provot, Marketing Director, Glued-laminated timber, ARBONIS and Manuel Burlat, Certification Manager for structural products and wood-based panels, FCBA

This first webinar will be followed on 16 September at 11am by a webinar that will present in a more detailed and technical way the manufacturing processes of glued laminated timber as well as the regulatory framework.