Webinar replay: Housing and furnishings for ageing well

Webinar replay: Housing and furnishings for ageing well

What is ageing well and what solutions, particularly in the field of accommodation, are being developed today to best meet the needs of the elderly and their families? This study provides an analysis of the protean notion of old age and explores the characteristics of the different living environments chosen by seniors, from the most traditional to the most innovative.
The objective of this webinar is to present this study to you, by crossing views with our guest Claire Letertre, Leroy Merlin Source project manager, and to detect together the main areas of innovation for tomorrow in the silver economy market.

On the agenda

  • What is ageing well: definitions, areas of innovation, a look at ageism…
  • Living environments: correlation between well-being, health and housing, home care, shared housing, collective housing…
  • Testimony: 16 years of research by Leroy Merlin Source on the subject of Ageing Well
  • Questions / Answers

This webinar is presented by : Justine Rouger (Design, materials and innovation consultant, FCBA), Clarine Lenormand (Ergonomics consultant, FCBA), and with the participation of Leroy Merlin Source.