Woodrise Webinar Replay – Seismic Risk and Structural Strength

Woodrise Webinar Replay – Seismic Risk and Structural Strength

This webinar reports on the technical workshop “Seismic Risk and Structural Strength” from the Woodrise 2021 conference

During this workshop, the speakers presented the latest construction methods as well as the normative context of their respective countries (Japan, USA, Canada, New Zealand), in particular the new uses of CLT and “resilient” construction methods, i.e. easily repaired after a disaster.

We will also present work on assessing the health of historic structures, on the development of damping systems for high-rise buildings and finally a major test planned for June 2022: a full-scale seismic test on a ten-storey CLT building!

On the agenda:

  • Resilient technical solutions against earthquakes,
  • Construction methods in Canada and Japan,
  • Non-destructive testing by vibration measurement,
  • Vibration damping system,
  • Seismic testing of a wooden high-rise building, scale 1.

Speaker: Thomas Catterou, Mechanical/Dynamic Wood Structure Research Engineer, FCBA