Connect’Expert at the service of Gascogne Bois

Connect’Expert at the service of Gascogne Bois
Wood Construction
We recently called on FCBA to assist us with a project to develop a new range of French wood joinery tiles, on the design and gluing aspects.

We had a clear problem and choices to make. We also needed reassurance.

We were directed to Connect Expert, a service that allows us to quickly get in touch with FCBA experts. During two remote meetings with Marc Sigrist and Guillaume Legrand, we got answers to help us make the right decisions and carry out our project.
This enabled us to confirm our choices very quickly in terms of materials, glue and type of sawing.

Thanks to FCBA’s global vision, we also saved precious time by compiling a technical bibliography and networking to meet other players in this sector (colleagues and users).

Connect’Expert was a start, not a finish.
Our collaboration with FCBA continues!

Laurent CASTETS – R&D Manager at Gascogne Bois

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