Housing connect

Housing connect
"Creating a connected living space for more comfort


The Habitat Connect programme is based on the scientific approach of co-design through use.
This method was developed by the Innovation team of the FCBA’s Furniture Division in order to offer products that meet real needs to all audiences.

According to a study (1), 80% of French people think that connected objects (IoT) represent the future, with high expectations in areas related to better living: comfort, safety and health. It is from this observation that FCBA has imagined the Habitat Connect programme with 15 partners. They have developed 9 connected solutions to improve users' living comfort.1 – OpinionWay survey for La Poste, 2 December 2016

1 – Étude OpinionWay pour La Poste, 2 décembre 2016

The partners of the Habitat Connect partners

Secondary partners

Additional partners

A creative and collaborative approach

Habitat Connect’s ambition is to improve the daily life of the inhabitants by increasing their living comfort. It was necessary to integrate them into the design process in order to respond to their real needs.

The design programme, based on the principle of “Innovation through use”, took place over 2 years, from the end of 2015 to the end of 2017. The development of the products was based on the user-centred co-design methodology which includes 5 phases.

The connected products are displayed in operation in a 100m² demonstrator, produced by BOOA (a brand of the Burger company) and installed at FCBA. It recreates a living space with a structure of wood-frame partitions.

To control the products, the demonstrator is equipped with a connected solution developed by OVERKIZ: the Habitat Connect system, comprising a cloud, an application and a box, can communicate with connected products using IO, RTS, Enocean and Z-Wave protocols.

Designed for each room in the home (kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, living room, etc.), these products all have independent connected functions and some can be controlled by a home automation system: Smart home!

Connected products for comfort

Piloter ses produits connectes

Système IOFF (Internet Of French Furniture)

Industriels : Overkiz, FCBA
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Benefits: Creation of scenarios and interactions with connected products

Description :

The Habitat Connect system has been developed by OVERKIZ for FCBA in order to allow the control of connected products for private individuals. It consists of an application, a cloud and a RAILDIN box that can be integrated into an electrical panel. It can be used to control a large number of objects, create complex usage scenarios and interact with other connected systems such as those of Philips hue, Somfy and Nod-on…

Website: www.overkiz.com

Benefits : Security

Description :

The KID PROTECT SYSTEM project is an illustration of the research being carried out by the industrialist WM88 to warn when a vulnerable person gets too close to a risk area. In the case of the solution presented in the demonstrator, detection sensors trigger an audible alert with a light signal relayed to a smartphone via the application. At the same time, the device can cut off the power supply to the hot plate.

Website : www.wm88.fr

Detecting the proximity of a child in a risk area


Industriels : SFL,WM88
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Detecting a water leak under the sink


Industriels : WM88
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Benefit : Security

Description :

The SOL STOP FUITE project is a water leak detection system for bathroom and kitchen furniture. The detected leak is signalled by sending an SMS, which prevents the furniture from being damaged. The sensor is integrated into an aluminium damp-proof coating applied to the bottom of the furniture. The system, combined with the Habitat Connect box, will automatically close the water valve.

Website : www.wm88.fr

Benefits : Well-being, Visual comfort, Safety, Child safety

Description :

This connected illuminated door from Righini has been designed to meet the needs of circulation and access to rooms in the home in the dark or at night. The presence of a line of light makes it easier to find your way around in the dark and to hold the door handle, thus limiting the risk of falling or being bumped.

Website : www.righini.com

Supporting night-time travel


Industriels : Righini,SFL
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Managing the lighting environment in your room


Industriels : Meubles Célio
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Benefits : Well-being, Visual comfort

Description :

With the SHIVA concept, furniture serves daily needs by managing connected lighting. The user can associate the lighting so that it interacts with the bed, the chest of drawers, the bedside lamps, the ceiling lamp, etc. Lighting also becomes a means of waking up and going to bed smoothly, with gradual switching on according to the programmed time.

Website : www.meubles-celio.fr

Benefit : Thermal comfort, Energy saving, Health

Description :

This cupboard door incorporates an invisible and innovative heating system. It simulates the effects of the sun’s rays on our skin. A true radiant heater, it eliminates the need for a radiator and saves space in small rooms while offering the functions of a towel warmer and mirror. The temperature is controlled from a connected module and managed by a programmable wireless thermostat.

Website : www.sifisa.tm.fr

Space-saving heating


Industriels : Sifisa
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Improving air quality in the home


Industriels : Hellin
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Benefit : Health, Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

Description :

This connected piece of furniture, with its sober lines, is also an air purifier capable of filtering fine particles, chemical pollutants (VOCs including formaldehydes), odours and biological pollutants (viruses, mites, pollen etc.). Made of solid oak, it includes the solution developed by AIR SERENITY. This innovative cold plasma air treatment system has been patented in partnership with the École Polytechnique and the CNRS.

Website : www.hellin.fr

Benefit : Productivity


Designed for the home, COSY CHAIR can also be used in all professional spaces. It consists of modular benches, a coffee table and a piece of furniture. This multifunctional connected workspace is equipped with a video projector, speakers and induction and USB charging facilities. Sliding padded doors serve as a backrest and support for the benches, and reveal clever storage spaces.

Website : www.eurosit.fr

Working differently from home


Industriels : Eurosit
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Improve the quality of your sleep


Industriels : Ma literie
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Benefit : Health, Well-being, Visual Comfort

Description :

This mattress has two sensors that detect presence and adjust comfort. They allow sleep analysis to improve the quality of rest, from bedtime to the moment you wake up. Thanks to the information collected, the application gives advice to the user and can trigger lighting scenarios at bedtime and upon rising. MORPHE@ is available in 140 x 190 or 160 x 200 cm. Communication between the sensors and the application is via Bluetooth.

Website : www.maliterie.com

The project was initiated by : The FCBA furniture innovation team

FCBA supports entrepreneurs and players in the Forest, Cellulose, Wood Construction and Furniture sectors in their development and their projects. Technological innovation and transfer are at the heart of its missions, to enable companies to be constantly competitive. Its main activities are consultancy, testing, training, certification and research for each sector.

The Furniture cluster has an innovation team that supports manufacturers in their product innovation process thanks to its skills in ergonomics, design, eco-design and materials. It uses an innovation methodology, co-design by use, which aims to integrate the user throughout the development of the product.