Seniors’ housing

Seniors’ housing
1st evolutionary housing designed by and for seniors.

“Seniors should no longer have to adapt to their homes: it is up to the home to adapt to the evolution of their lifestyles. It was with this in mind that the members of a consortium of companies decided to completely rethink their way of designing housing, bound by a common desire to “offer evolving housing that adapts to the diversity of older people and to changes in their lifestyles.

Habitat Seniors is the first project to be carried out as a “co-innovation for and in use”, bringing together 13 complementary companies in the home improvement sector, led by FCBA. Innovation project management methodologies based on real uses and for future uses were developed in partnership with the Paragraphe Laboratory of the University of Paris VIII. This project was entirely financed by this consortium of housing companies.

Challenging traditional views of housing design, the housing design process has been completely rethought, emphasising “the know-how of all its stakeholders and the involvement of users”.

From the outset, some thirty senior citizens, their medical and family carers and their relatives were involved in order to show them their real uses and co-design innovative solutions adapted to their lifestyles.

Enjeux et objectifs :

The challenges linked to the ageing of the population and the growing need for home care were at the origin of a learning and innovative approach combining the expertise and views of all the stakeholders:

  • For industrial partners, Habitat Seniors allows them to question their solutions with regard to the lifestyles of seniors, to review their production methods, to reconsider their processes and to engage in unprecedented inter-company collaboration.
  • On the users’ side, participatory observation and co-design of solutions enable them to become actors in the project. They are equipped to pass on their current uses to the manufacturers and to develop with them relevant solutions for their future uses. By making the most of their expertise, Habitat Seniors is a way of making seniors actors in their environment.

The results (key or telling figures, benefits for the company, perspectives opened by this project...) :

Landing door with connected lock
Entrance and ironing board
Removable wall unit with integrated door and floor
Kitchen furniture and appliances
Lighted access door
Removable partition cupboards with sliding door
Lamp with photoluminescent switch
Furniture with stool and shower
Linen management furniture, appliances and heating system
Outdoor furniture