Testimonial Gautier company

Testimonial Gautier company
The ADEME supported our latest eco-design project, with FCBA accompanying

We have been integrating eco-design approaches since the 2000s, and it was on the basis of this experience that a client asked us to develop a product for young children on their behalf.

We worked on the whole life cycle of the product and we particularly focused on the following areas:

  • The evolutionary aspect allowing an extension of its lifespan,
  • The integration of recycled raw materials, including some from the WEEE sector, in a circular economy approach,
  • The use of the best available technology to keep solvent emissions to a minimum, thus preserving indoor air quality.

This bed has been distributed for a few weeks by our client, and to carry out this project, we benefited from financial aid from ADEME, which enabled us to finance additional work and tests on the materials used, which we would probably not have carried out without this aid.

Putting together a file with ADEME takes time, which is why FCBA agreed to help us in this process and I can only encourage companies in the sector to request our Technical Centre for this support.