Testing of outdoor furniture, ADEO services

Testing of outdoor furniture, ADEO services
Adeo, the world's third largest player in the DIY and home improvement market, groups together numerous companies that rely on the Adeo Services platform for their daily development.

François Augrain, Mélanie Brissez, and Corentin Begel, all three Project Quality Managers within this structure, describe their collaboration with FCBA in the context of their mission.

In addition to the testing services provided, they emphasise the trusting partnership established and the relevance of the advice given.

Based in Ronchin in the Lille metropolitan area, the Adeo Services teams work on the development of Adeo’s companies through various professions, including that of Project Quality Manager. “We are in charge of defining projects, both in terms of regulatory compliance and product durability,” explain François Augrain, Mélanie Brissez and Corentin Begel in one voice. 

Their goal is the same, whether it’s bathroom furniture, storage or garden furniture: to ensure the satisfaction of Adeo’s customers and optimise product performance.

In this context, we have been collaborating for several years with FCBA, known for its expertise on our product types. We regularly call on your technological institute for tests.

The latter have various objectives. They make it possible to test innovations, to ensure that products comply with standards, or to justify the intrinsic performance of a piece of furniture or equipment with regard to its specifications.

Our quality policy sets a default durability target of 5 years for our product, although we commit to longer periods for certain ranges. For example, some of our storage boxes are guaranteed for 15 years. It is therefore important to translate this commitment into reliable tests that attest to this damage-free use over time.

Ongoing dialogue

While Adeo Services acknowledges FCBA’s technical testing skills, the platform also appreciates the ongoing exchanges with its teams.

“Despite the specific 2021 conditions, ADEO has noted a lack of availability in 2021. The strengthening of the team in 2022 allows us to be confident about the conduct of the tests. We share our test matrices in order to find the best possible solution. This interactivity adds value because we benefit from your furniture expertise and recommendations. We share the same desire to define the right tests for the right uses. All this while taking into account new expectations or market issues, particularly in terms of CSR.

We work a lot on the "repairability" of our products, which implies integrating this parameter from their conception, knowing that a new project initiated in year N will only be marketed in year N+2. We therefore need partners who, with their history, also know how to project themselves into the future.