Clarine Lenormand’s testimony

Clarine Lenormand’s testimony
Portrait of Clarine Lenormand FCBA Ergonomics Consultant.
Clarine Lenormand
Ergonomics consultant
Photo Clarine Lenormand NB

Passionate about psychology and ergonomics, I have been lucky enough to exercise my passion as an ergonomics consultant for FCBA for almost a year. The missions I carry out are for me, most fascinating, I explain…
The improvement of working conditions is becoming an increasingly important issue and is part of the regulatory framework that companies must respect. But it is not so simple to improve working conditions…


This is why, in my opinion, ergonomics is an important asset, because the methods we use enable progress to be made towards a sustainable transformation of work situations with a view to improving the health of employees but also the performance of companies by taking into account human activity in a global approach. For information, we currently offer ergonomic interventions at workstations, fully covered by the APGIS and AG2R insurance companies for furniture manufacturers.

Our teams also work on the design and layout of living spaces. Nowadays, we realise that there are many changes and that they are changing very quickly (technological changes, lifestyles, uses, etc.). Ergonomics allows us to integrate the needs and uses of individuals right from the design stage, in order to meet the challenges and current needs, which I believe is a beneficial resource for all manufacturers and their customers (bye bathroom bidets ;) ).

I am competent in both aspects of usability, so if you want to know more, please contact me. I would be delighted to answer your questions or to assist you with a project. You will also find examples of studies on office ergonomics and workplace ergonomics in the replay of the webinar conducted on February 2, 2021.