Haroun BA’s testimony

Haroun BA’s testimony
Portrait of Haroun BA, Head of Economic Studies at BIOSENSE
Haroun Ba
Head of Economic Research

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I joined FCBA two years ago, after more than three years at the Ministry of Economy and Finance.

Having fully participated in the elaboration of the French government’s economic policies and economic forecasts, the effective implementation of these policies, with regard to the climate issue, motivated me to join FCBA. Indeed, working in the Industrial Technical Centre of the sector which is at the heart of the national strategy for mitigating the effects of climate change motivates me daily in my missions.

My activities at FCBA began shortly before the start of the covid-19 health crisis. This period was an unprecedented shock to economic activity and highlighted the resilience and rebound capacity of companies in the timber sector in an economy more concerned with sustainable growth.

I assist companies in their market studies in the industrial sectors (sawmills, panels, paper and cardboard, furniture, etc.) and in the construction sector. These issues are all the more important as France and Europe have set themselves the objective of becoming carbon neutral by 2050.

In addition, to help companies and professional organisations to better understand the economic development of their economic sectors of interest, I carry out economic studies, with short and medium term economic forecasts. This information is an important decision-making tool, particularly at this pivotal time for the forestry and wood industry. 

Finally, I am the operational project manager of the mutualised economic watch of the forestry and wood industry (VEM-FB), which groups together all the economic indicators from the upstream forestry sector to the end markets such as construction or furniture. This tool – the only one of its kind in the wood industry in France – is co-constructed with the professional organisations that pool their data, to make the industry.

This is why I am an economist at FCBA