Justine Rouger testimony

Justine Rouger testimony
Portrait of Justine Rouger Design & Materials Consultant.
Justine Rouger
Design & Materials Consultant
Portrait justine rouger

Within the Innovation team of the FCBA AME cluster, I have been a consultant in Design, Materials and Innovation since 2014. My day-to-day work consists of supporting companies in the living space design sectors in the development of their products and services, using various innovation methodologies. What I particularly like about the projects I work on is to have a global view on the design process and the working approaches used.

For me, innovation is as much about the product as it is about the way it is developed. Our innovation team is a multidisciplinary team made up of designers, materials experts and ergonomists. This internal collaboration leads us to develop new ways of supporting companies, for example through our methodology based on the observation of uses, or design through the sensory approach to products. Collaboration is also honoured externally, since our key word is co-design: thinking and designing in cooperation, for greater efficiency!

Our way of working has also evolved over the years: our objective today is to train companies in these new innovation methodologies, in order to gain in efficiency and make them as autonomous as possible. In addition to methods, we also develop innovative tools. This is the case with our digital usage data collection system, Yuuz, a project that I have been piloting for over a year.

I am particularly interested in societal issues such as the ageing of the population or new consumer trends; this is why I regularly build collaborative programmes with industrialists but also with experts in a specific field to make companies aware of innovation opportunities.