The digital innovation pathway

The digital innovation pathway
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The digital innovation pathway is part of a research project supported by CODIFAB with the aim of supporting players in the furniture sector.

The concept is to develop a methodology based on the use of digital tools in order to facilitate innovation and provide new ways of designing/improving/correcting projects.

First of all, the collection of information involves a survey to find out the level of digitalisation of companies in the sector. This allows us to know how to apply and transmit this new method.

In order to better understand this work, we need to delve into the field of digital tools, which consist of two parts: software and hardware. Each of the machines requires the use of a particular software, whether it is proprietary or free. We therefore carried out a survey of existing software and universal file formats, followed by a second survey of the various existing technologies and their applications.

At the same time, we studied a typical innovation process (a method created and developed within the FCBA) which we transcribed in the form of design stages assisted by these technologies.

An example of the application of this method can be found in the CODIFAB report “Digital innovation pathway”.

Of course, this methodology is not necessarily intended to be applied in its entirety, but its purpose is to present the possible fields of these different software and hardware tools.

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