The Memento 2022 has been published!

The Memento 2022 has been published!
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The Memento is written by a team of specialists at the service of the sector. It is the reference document for public data concerning the forestry-wood, paper and furniture sectors, based on reliable data and known sources. It strives to provide and ensure the coherence of the published data and, where necessary, to provide the keys to reading them.

Since the COVID-19 health crisis in 2020, economic activity in the forestry and wood industry has rebounded significantly in 2021 and the momentum remains strong in 2022. The woodworking and furniture industries grew by 8% and 14% respectively in 2021. However, the energy crisis caused by the war in Ukraine weighs on economic activity at the end of the year and constitutes a strong hazard for the French economy as a whole in 2023, and, in particular for the industries of the forestry-wood sector. The desire of public players to promote this sector for the ecological transition is illustrated by the new environmental regulations for new buildings (RE 2020). They have also mobilised with the professions during the Forest and Wood Assizes. The development decisions taken at the beginning of the year are also favourable signals for maintaining activity in the sector and its development.

In order to improve knowledge of its markets, the players in this sector have set up a strategic economic analysis tool – the Mutualised Economic Watch for the forestry and timber sector (VEM-FB) – which provides the players with a shared vision of the sector’s economy. This tool, developed and managed by FCBA, makes it possible to quantify the economic weight of the forestry-wood sector in France.

Professionals and institutions have thus demonstrated their confidence in FCBA for the management of several major projects in this field, projects which notably allow the Institute to mobilise its skills, particularly in economics, and thus support the strategic thinking of the players.

The FCBA teams and professionals wish you a pleasant reading!

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