Cross laminated timber panels on

Cross laminated timber panels on
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Project statement

Since January 2014, the decree n°2013-1264 requires, whenever a manufacturer wishes to communicate on an environmental aspect related to the life cycle of its product, that an individual or collective environmental product declaration (EPD) be produced for this product and be registered in the Regulatory Database (RDB). It also requires, since July 2017, that all ESDSs be subject to third-party verification and that collective ESDSs be accompanied by a validity framework. In this context, a collective ESDS for cross-laminated panels used in floors and walls was produced in 2017/18.
In order to allow specifiers to produce collective “product-type” ESDSs adapted to a construction site, and manufacturers to produce individual ESDSs, this project aims to integrate cross-laminated timber panels into the DE-bois tool developed by FCBA.

Purpose of the project

Development of the CLT interface on the “” online EHSF configurator developed by FCBA. This interface includes :

  • a part: “Product-type ESDS”; and
  • a part: “Individual SHEF”.

This interface must also be critically reviewed by an authorised auditor.

Partners in this project : 
Thomas Peverelli (sous-traitant pour la revue critique de l’interface DE-Bois)

Funders :