Development of bio-based adhesive systems for wood panels

Development of bio-based adhesive systems for wood panels
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The wood-based composite panel industry is currently facing a major challenge: reducing the proportion of fossil fuels in the composition of manufactured products, in order to improve their carbon footprint and avoid the volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions caused by petro-sourced resins.

The manufacture of panels uses wood chips, sawdust or flour bound together with a synthetic resin. Increasing criticism of these resins, which are formulated with formaldehyde, has led to the development of alternatives that are more health and environmentally friendly.


The RESPIRE project aims to develop a competitive, eco-designed biosourced adhesive system from plant-based raw materials.


Optimise the formulation
of the adhesive system to ensure performance in all circumstances

Develop a demonstrator
to produce the adhesive systems developed on a pilot scale

Develop a process
for the application of the adhesive system on composite wood panel production lines.


Bringing to market
efficient and economically competitive biobased adhesive systems.


Developing adhesive systems
systems with lower environmental impact and low VOC emissions in the finished products during use.

Project funded by ADEME

Industrial partners Evertree