Digital information chain for business competitiveness

Digital information chain for business competitiveness
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The progress made in the field of information and communication technologies has made it possible to increase the speed of exchanges and calculations and to increase storage volumes. The professionals of the forestry and wood sector have consequently modernised their tools in order to take advantage of these evolutions through initiatives such as ForetData, ExploTIC or eMOBOIS.

The project “a digital information chain for the competitiveness of companies” is the winner of the 2017 call for projects “Innovations and investments for the upstream forestry sector” of the Ministry of Food and Agriculture.

Implemented in the pilot region of New Aquitaine, the project was coordinated by the FIBOIS Landes de Gascogne interprofession. However, its purpose is to be transferred to the national territory.

In the continuity of the FORETDATA, ExploTIC or eMOBOIS programmes, it has enabled a group of players to jointly develop new digital solutions to meet the challenges of their trades and in particular the simplification of operators’ tasks.

It is divided into 3 areas of action:

 The first, coordinated by the GIP ATEGERI, deals with information exchange and the administrative management of forestry work sites. It is based on the work carried out within the framework of the FORETDATA platform, set up following the Klaus storm of 2009. In addition to an observatory for monitoring forestry activity, the collaborative platform offers a range of services such as identifying regulatory constraints, producing and sending regulatory forms, sharing information with partners, monitoring the obligation of vigilance, and DT-DICT declarations.

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The second axis coordinated by FCBA concerns the exchange of production data from logging machines between operators and clients. 

In the continuity of the ExploTIC action, and based on the eMOBOIS engine, an exchange service allows the transmission of production files from a machine to the right recipient. This service is compatible with a variety of use cases such as automatic interconnection with the portals of logging machine manufacturers (JOHN DERRE, PONSSE, KOMATSU) or the use of an independent solution.

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The third axis coordinated by FIBOIS Landes de Gascogne, concerns the monitoring of deliveries in real time, i.e. the exchange of data between principals and transporters. Based on the eMOBOIS standardisation, it enables the software of partner companies to communicate and to implement dematerialised exchanges by reducing human intervention. An application was carried out with the Dashdoc eCMR (dematerialised consignment note) solution.

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