Digital simulation

Digital simulation
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Enoncé du projet

In the context of optimising furniture design approaches, there is a need for numerical tools which, in addition to experimental validation, allow different furniture configurations to be simulated in a short time. This type of mixed approach allows the design process to be shortened considerably, and thus contributes to improving the competitiveness of furniture companies.

To do this, it is necessary to have a good understanding of the mechanical behaviour of the materials and links involved, in particular their variability, to have suitable numerical building blocks, and then to compare simulation and experimentation in order to validate the proposed approach. These three steps constitute the main part of the thesis, which was conducted in partnership with the MSME (Université Paris Est).

Purpose of the project

The project consists of 4 main stages:

Experimental characterisation of the mechanical properties of particleboard via digital image correlation.

Appropriation of the plate theory, and its implementation by finite elements.

Creation of a digital model adapted to the geometry of the furniture studied

Comparison of a stochastic numerical simulation with experimentation, in order to validate the proposed numerical model.

The object of study is a piece of furniture of the plate type, made up of particle boards, the elements of which are connected by metal elements (pins/screws).

Partners in this project : 
University Paris Est – Laboratory Multi-Scale Modelling and Simulation(MSME)

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