FORMICABLE: Cabling for forestry operations

FORMICABLE: Cabling for forestry operations
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Cable skidding has developed differently in France and Switzerland over the last few decades. 300,000 m3 are harvested annually in Switzerland, compared to less than 50,000 m3 in the Northern Alps. In France, this volume is tending to decrease, whereas the dynamic is taking hold in Switzerland. The last cable course in France closed in 2008, while several remain in Switzerland. What are the reasons for these differences?

Increasing the mobilisation of wood is an objective shared by France and Switzerland, particularly in the mountains, in order to supply the sector and participate in its development.

In France, in the Northern Alps, a dynamic has been set up among the mobilisation actors in order to increase harvesting: identification of cable felling, development of the skills of managers and cable companies, proactive regional policy. At the same time, cable companies are having difficulty creating, developing and sometimes maintaining their activities.

The current dynamics in Switzerland (development of training) and in France (cable plan, mobilisation of stakeholders) are therefore real opportunities to support and promote the development of cable skidding.

In addition to mobilising wood, the challenge is to develop employment in this sector, to maintain know-how and to develop it through the pooling of skills.


This Interreg Franco-Swiss project (2016-2019) had the following objectives:

  • Promote cabling for forestry operations,
  • To train forestry workers in cabling techniques,
  • To set up recognised training courses for forestry apprentices and professionals,
  • To promote an economically viable and environmentally friendly use of the installations.

FCBA participated in this project in particular on the following topics:


an overview of cable in France and Switzerland,

the “Cable” module of the CartoMob tool,

the implementation of worksites through the creation of a test platform for information on worksites, and encourage the implementation of public/private grouped worksites,

in both the development and delivery of training modules,

Lead the production of a technical guide on cable skidding (to be published in summer 2020).

Project coordinator :
Pole excellence Bois pour la France, ACSR pour la Suisse

Partners :
Association Câblage Suisse Romande, Pole Excellence Bois (Savoie), Communes forestières Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, ISETA, GIEQ BTP, FCBA

Funders :
Région Auvergne Rhône-Alpes, Département de Haute Savoie, Confédération Suisse, Canton de Vaud, Canton du Valais, Etat de Fribourg, République et Canton du Jura, Forêt Valais, AREF, Wyssen, Seilbahnen, Eco cablâge, Genoud Frères, FEDER (Interreg Franco Suisse), Ministère Agriculture (Dotation)