Optiblue AuRA: "green" solutions against blue stain in pallet lumber

Optiblue AuRA:
DateOngoing project
In 2017, the Bluepalette study was carried out, followed in 2018 by Optiblue. The results obtained have made it possible to select innovative, green treatments that are simple to implement and have limited environmental consequences compared to current products.

A first optimisation phase has been successfully completed. Further work is now needed to better define the conditions of use of the treatment solutions. Furthermore, in case of confirmed effects, a legislative follow-up to register the treatment solutions as wood treatment products is to be expected.

Optimise the innovative solutions identified to prevent the development of blue stain and mould microorganisms on healthy or contaminated wood,

Test different application solutions,

Validate the compatibility of the treatments with the current processes (especially nails),

Evaluate the durability of treatments under different storage conditions.

Project funded by :
Région Auvergne Rhône Alpes

Industry partners:
SYPAL, GLF bois, Bois de Xaintrie et le groupe PGS